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Adding Fake Smoke To Pictures

Picnik is a wonderful free online photo editor. Just think of it as PhotoShop, but free. Plus it doesn’t take up any room on your computer or involved downloading any dubious files.

 Recently, I needed to find out how to add smoke into a picture and while Picnik doesn’t actually offer this feature, it is possibly to use one of their other effects to create what looks like very convincing smoke.

Using black or white smoke is your best bet, and out of the two, I found white smoke looked the most realistic.

Experiment with changing the size of the “brush” as you paint on the smoke. Different sizes make more lifelike puffs and wisps.

If you need the following tutorial in some other format than the provided PDF, please let me know.

Click here for tutorial: Adding smoke to pictures with Picnik

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5 responses to “Adding Fake Smoke To Pictures

  1. aleyha

    this looks really kool

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